Monday, April 8, 2013

Books I am reading that have dragons in them

I am reading books about dragons or that have something about dragons in them.  Some of the books I am reading about dragons are fairy tales and some are fiction. 

Here are the titles of the books I am reading about dragons:

  • The Dragonology Handbook
  • Guide to Tolkien's World  a Bestiary 
  • Stories of Giants, Witches and Dragons
  • The Lego Adventure Book  ( on page 137 it show you how to make a Pterosaur.  I am counting it as a dragon cause it looks like one) 
 I have a bookcase and i have a bookend that is a dragon. The picture of my bookend is down below:

I have a dragon bookend for my bookshelf. 
 I will have more post about dragons coming up:)